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Greek Yogurt Packaging

Norman's Dairy Greek Yogurt
Norman's Dairy Greek Yogurt

The Greek yogurt market is a $2 billion industry and growing. The breakfast-turned-any-time-a-day healthy snack makes up about 35% of all yogurt sales in the U.S., a steep comparison from five years ago when it made up just 1%. Now you cannot go into a store without passing by a Greek yogurt cup in the refrigerated food aisle.

As part of recognizing this growing yogurt trend, Pack Line offers small to mid-sized companies machines that will help get their Greek yogurt out to the masses. Recognized for its high efficiency, accuracy and speed, the NBM servo-driven fully-automatic rotary filling and sealing machine is perfect for the job.

Its sealing machines have a smooth servo driven movement of 12-positions on its rotary platform. These features make NBM machines the best solution for yogurt products, with an output of 30 to 120 cups per minute. The machine is also capable of incorporating other ingredients into its yogurt products such as fruit, honey and granola. All Pack Line machines can be fitted with a CIP-cleaning system and a waterproof computerized control system to regulate whole or individual parts of its machines.

A small but growing plant in New Jersey houses one of our NBM machines. Norman's Dairy manufactures six flavors for their Greek yogurt. Combined with a new packaging design, the kosher food producer has seen an increase in its Greek yogurt sales over the past year. Their Greek yogurt has gone quickly off the shelves and yours can too with our state-of-the-art machine.

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