MAP Systems (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

Consumers continue to demand high-quality food products, with the expectation that the products food will have a reasonable shelf life, and continue to be visually and aromatically pleasing between purchase and consumption.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) systems are used to preserve the freshness, and extend the shelf life of food products. These solutions are applicable to an endless variety of products. In this preservation technique, the Oxygen surrounding the food in the package is changed to another composition or evacuated. Beyond shelf life extension, MAP solutions may provide flavor and product color stability.

Our proven technology delivers faster outputs, and reduced gas consumption to achieve the Oxygen level required in your package. Our technology also eliminates the need for vacuum pumps thus lowering your maintenance and operation costs.

Pack Line Machinery Solutions:

Packline Corp PXG4
Packline Corp Stand-up Pouches-06
Packline Corp PLF-2K
Packline Corp PAO