Model: PLF-3S Filling and Sealing Machine

Performance: Semi-Automatic Rotary Filling and Sealing

Output: Up to 15 cups a min

Product: Powder / Granulated / Pieces / Paste / Liquid

Semi-automatic machine for filling and sealing cups with pre-cut aluminum foil lids.



  • Fast and easy operation that can be performed by one operator.
  • A wide range of liquid and paste products can be filled.
  • The machine can be easily adapted to handle a variety of cup sizes and configurations.
  • The machine can be manufactured with an impulse automatic sealer for bags.
  • The electronic control panel is waterproof.
  • Economically priced with high quality finished product.

Additional Options:

  • Additional filling heads for different products
  • Container MAP system: creation of modified residual oxygen level equal to 0.3-0.4%
  • Sets for different container types and sizes
  • Discharge conveyer
  • Labeling equipment integration
  • Varying data coding devices

All product contact parts are stainless steel. The machine is manufactured using stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic, all of which conform to EEC and FDA standards for food grade materials.

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